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Videos made by Helga Risoy

Soul Fly Away, written and performed by Helga Risoy (all instruments also played by Helga). Originally this song was written for a golden retriver friend DAKOTA, who passed away.

The horses in this video were rescue horses from Shiloh Horse Rescue, and they have all passed on to Greener Pastures. This video is dedicated to them and their owners, and Shiloh Horse Rescue.

Unique video from inside the original Kronk Boxing Gym. This video was filmed in 2004 by Helga Risoy. If you cannot watch it on this site, please click "Watch on You Tube".

Highlights from Helga Risoy boxing career will be coming soon. Unfortunately, the video’s from her first fights has not yet been converted from old VSH to digital format. Both videos made by Helga Risoy.

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